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Software update: June 2015

Hi everyone and welcome to the Recruit Bubble blog. Here you will find our latest news and updates and we’ll share with you some key articles from the world of recruitment.

In our first post, we’ll explain the recent updates to the Recruit Bubble platform to highlight what has changed.

Read on to find out more…


Broadbean has introduced a new in their CV search functionality which is now available for all Broadbean users.

Assign Candidate to an Active Vacancy is now available within the Candidate Directory

A new module has been added to the candidate record called Additional Information where you will be able to set the Nationality, Ethnicity, assign a National Insurance Number, Work Permit Details, Define Driving License for the candidate:


Update 1


Check your email before you send. You can now preview the emails before sending out of the system.

New branded candidate profile page added, where agency resume is the default that will show to the viewer and also will display the associated consultants contact information.


In the Vacancy module under the Candidate Tab, we have introduced a Shared Candidate List, so you can directly view and action the shared record.




The assign candidate has also been updated with a more advanced search and a multiple option, a quick preview has been added to review if the listed candidate is perfect for the position.


A Job Request module has been introduced, if you activate a company access to your client they will be able to log a job request so you can convert into a job and start the recruitment against it. It depends on what access the client has, if Review access then they will only be able to view top level information against the vacancy, if Company ATS access then any candidate you assign to the vacancy will be seen and actioned by the client.




The project management module has been updated with new reporting capabilities. Assign Client, Candidate or Vacancies and it is immediately be visible in the reports. Set targets to your employees and see how the reports evolve.




Further design tweaks which help users better visualise their data, minor bug fixes and feature enhancements to make the system running better.


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